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NO FEES! Paid 200€/month Reception / Bar maid / Public Relations Hotel internship in Barcelona, Girona and Balearic Islands (Accommodation + Food included)von Spain Internship

Basisdaten zum Inserat

Bewerbungsschluss keine Angaben
Antrittsdatum 01.05.2013
Art des Inserats Praktikum
Vergütung 200€ / month +accommodation + food
Arbeitsort keine Angaben
Stellenanzahl 8
geforderte Deutschkenntnisse C2: Annährend muttersprachliche Kenntnisse
Studiengänge Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
Bewerberprofil Languages: - Fluent in English AND Russian Other requirements: - To maintain a good corporal present in the best possible manner; - to be dynamic; - to be motivated; - to be involved the tasks provided; - to be smiling; - to be punctual; - to be imaginative and show own initiative; - to have good communication skills (mother tongue and foreign languages). Salary and other benefits: - Accommodation - Food - 200 € /month Working hours: 40 hours per week


Company description: Our collaborator is a hotel chain whose hotels (3 and 4 stars) are located in the most important touristic areas of Spain. They bet for the chain value, maintaining rigorous quality politics, trying always to offer the greatest benefit, sparing no efforts, to their customers, with the purpose that their holidays become what they expect. The company is currently expanding, adding new properties to the current resorts and they are going to grow through the opening of new destinations. They have 11 different hotels, in three different areas of Spain, as: Barcelona (4 hotels), Girona (one hotel) and Balearic Islands (6 hotels). Reception Tasks: - Welcome and inform: - Behind the counter; - Check in / check out; - Prepare the client's arrival; - Informs about the services offered by the hotel; - To inform the guest about cultural & gastronomic highlights; - Intermediate with reservations (taxi, restaurant, theatre...); - Plan reservations: - To plan arrivals reservations by mail, fax or phone; - Handle financial transactions with the guest; - To optimize the occupancy rate of the hotel. Bar Maid – Restaurant Tasks: Prepare the dining room: - To prepare tables before the opening of the restaurant and check the cleanliness of the tables; - to prepare simple dishes; - to prepare relatively simple dishes (appetizers, salads, pizzas, pancakes, some desserts, ice cream ...) and prepare drinks. Welcome and cash: - To take care of supplies (food or culinary) and help in the kitchen; - to accompany the guests to their table and ensure that they consistently lack nothing; - to advise them to choose their menu and takes their order; - to bring the bill and proceed with payment. Prepare the room: - To serve drinks; - to prepare the room, clean and maintain clean: preparation of tables, dishwashing, stocking refrigerators, coffee makers, machine washing glasses. Greet customers: - To prepare and serve beverages, prepare different cocktails; - to advise the guests in their choice of beverage and explore new recipes; - to collect the glasses and keep the area neat and tidy. Public Relations Tasks: Check and select information: - To promote our company to guests; - to collect, verify and select the information about local (cultural) activities. Conduct studies: - To lead opinion research, partnership development, promotional campaigns; - to us all ways and technical support in order to for fill your public relations task the best way possible. Specialize in a field: - To optimize spaces to the benefit the most of planned activities; - to manage and optimize relationships with guests, agency and all third parties; - to use multimedia tools for promotional visualisation. Activities and shows: - To assist the professional events booked and promote them; - to lead activities and play an active part in them; - to manage the activities which are part of our entertainment schedule.


Spain Internship

Standort Calle Burdeos 39, 41012 Sevilla, Spanien, Deutschland
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Telefon-Nr. 0034955115793
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